Spirit of Edsa Foundation


The Man

Chris CarrionHe was not an intellectual giant who preached on platforms about political ideologies. He was humble, meek, and modest in attire. He spoke haltingly in a froggy, unaudible voice. He was barely five foot three in stature, looking frail and aged ahead of his years. Yet inspite of his handicaps, he stood tall in the eyes of the common (tao) because Don Joaquin “Chino” Roces was a true believer in truth and justice. While others dreamed and talked, he moved and acted.

As the media mandarin of his time, his convictions influenced and groomed generation of opinion-makers and journalists. He consulted many people from all walks of life and dared to join them in their escalating protest against the abuses of the Marcos regime.

Incarcerated upon the declaration of the Martial Law and stripped of his prestigious position, Don Chino, upon release, went on to stand “kapit-bisig” with other street parliamentarians against the water-canon blast and teargas burst hurled by the wrathful forces of the dictatorship. The lowly and oppressed whom we loved affectionately called him “tatang”.

Spearheading the campaign for a million signatures, “tatang” saw the triumph of People Power in the flight of Marcos from the country and in the oath-taking of Corazon C. Aquino as President.

Don Joaquin “Chino” P. Roces continued to express his convictions, envisioning, to the very last moments of his life. The triumph of truth and justice in a new moral order for the Filipinos.

The Foundation

Shortly after the death of Joaquin “Chino”P. Roces, close associates in his fight to see a new moral order in Philippine society conceived the idea to ensure the continuation of his efforts. Together with some of his close relatives, they established a foundation bearing his name on December 10, 1988. The original founding members include: Marciano Araneta, Benito Bengzon, Raul Contreras, Manuel Manahan, Santiago Matute, Jr., Antonio Miranda, Imelda Nicolas, Danilo Olivares, Ramon Pelaez, Jose Eduardo Pena, Antonio Prieto, Jose G. Ricafort, Jesus Marcos Roces, Pacita C. Roces, and Jose H. Velez.

The foundation's principal purpose remains as the promotion and advancement of a moral order as envisioned by Chino Roces. Thus the foundation concerns itself with the encouragement of individuals and groups who have manifested exemplary moral behaviour in public office or with high public visibility, the promotion of social innovation and structures that will help enhance the effects and influence of moral conduct, and the support of studies of the dynamics of public morality.

The foundation's ongoing projects include the granting of scholarships to deserving newsboys, a mobile dental clinic donated by Japan and supported by PAGCOR which has serviced some 250,00 indigent patients over the past years, and the giving of an annual award to outstanding individuals and groups who have contributed towards the realization of a new moral order in the nation.


The “Ang Pilipino” Award

In furtherance of its principal objectives, the foundation has institutionalized and developed a systematic program of annual awards known as ANG PILIPINO AWARD. The first award was given to the late Congresswoman Estelita G. Juco for unselfish and devoted service to the Filipino nation in public service. Other awardess have been Bernabe Buscayno for his role in the promotion of agricultural development through the formation of the People's Livelihood Foundation, Inc., In Capas, Tarlac; Rev. Fr. Florentino S. Concepcion for his work and commitment to the welfare of the deprived and under-privileged through the foundation of the Emmaus House of Apostolate, a home for the aged and infirm in Barangay San Agustin, Malolos, Bulacan; and PASCOM civilian employee Evangeline G. Roxas who upheld Philippine national honor as she withstood diplomatic pressure and large monetary offers to take her case with dignity and the highest degree of professionalism to court to sue for a public apology from the foreigner who slapped her for performing her duty at NAIA.

Chris CarrionChris CarrionChris Carrion

In 1993, the foundation has unanimously chosen as the ANG PILIPINO awardee the 13-year old Sahjid Bulig of Bocaue, Bulacan, who lost his life during the tragic fluvial procession last July 1993 after selflessly saving several children from drowning. An Ed Castrillo trophy was awarded to his family, as well as, cash of P30,000.00.

The 1993 Board of Trustees also acknowledge two outstanding public officials with Special Citations given for the first time by the Foundation.Senator Leticia Ramos Shahani was cited for her efforts to encourage a new moral order, first by commissioning a study of the present Filipino's moral values, and then consistently prompting all sectors of society to work for the moral recovery of the nation and Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Rafael M. Alunan for his relenting efforts to implement presidential initiatives to help bring about Peace and the Rule of Law by promoting the Local Government Code and dismantling private armies. Both of them were given a bust trophy of Chino Roces and a citation.

Chris CarrionA onetime unique award was the Special Posthumous Award given for heroism and supreme sacrifice of Benigno “Ninoy”S. Aquino, Jr. that was received on his behalf by former President Corazon C. Aquino. An special trophy by ED Castrillo and a cash donation of 20,000.00 to the Ninoy Aquino Foundation was given.