Spirit of Edsa Foundation

Spearheaded and initiated the creation of the EDSA People Power Commission (EPPC)


Spirit of EDSA Movement created and organized by Chris Carrion (CLC)


On October 6, 1992, the Spirit of EDSA Foundation was formally incorporated


On March 3, 1993, Chris Carrion submits to Kabisig Head Gov. Guiao and Marietta Goco a concept paper for the creation of an EDSA COMMISSION

On October 6, 1993, spearheaded by Kabisig Head, Gov. Guiao, an Ad-Hoc Committee Composed of 17 members, including former President Cory Aquino (FPCCA) made mention that since there were millions at EDSA in 1986, that a peoples consultative workshop be held prior to deciding to creating a Commission or utilizing a Foundation as its vehicle to institutinalize EDSA, instead of chosen 17 personalities in that exclusive meeting.

A 3-day Consultative Workshop was held at the AIM. The result of which was to form an EDSA Foundation instead of a Commission.

On December 10, 1993, CLC with the concurrence of the board of the Spirit of EDSA Foundation, offered to step down as Chairman as well as offered the foundation for reorganization to Gov. Guiao instead of having two EDSA Foundations serving the same purpose and contrary to the principle of unity at EDSA


On January 28, 1994, Governor Guiao accepts the offer and an election was held with Joe Concepcion as the new chairman, with CLC remaining as a board of directors & founding chairman.


On February 22, 1998, the EDSA People Power Commission was created by virtue of E.O. 82, as drafted by Chris & Ramon Carrion, which was refined by Pastor Boy Saycon, Lito Lorenzana and the PMS, which specifically identifies the Spirit of EDSA Foundation as the lead private NGO

Executive Order no. 82