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Domingo de Ramos

March 24, 1991

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November 29, 1991

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January 14, 1992

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May 16, 1992

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May 18, 1992


May 28, 1992

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Letter to President Aquino from Chris Carrion

May 1, 1989

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February 3, 1992

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March 23, 1993

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December 10, 1993

EDSA Began with Ninoy

August 30, 1993

Gov. Bren Guiao Letter of Acceptance

January 28, 1994


The EDSA 1986 (People Power) revolution which brought about the successful socio-political and economic changes in our country laid down the foundation for all Filipinos to hope for effecting the necessary continuing changes and improvements in our country that would eventually redound to the betterment of the lives of our people. What is commonly known as the “Spirit of EDSA”, can be summed up as the best portrayal of the Filipinos character in contemporary history, which had mesmerized the world and inspired other nations to follow our example. Thus, the Filipinos had indeed initiated the global people-power – effected transformations of our times. The “Spirit of EDSA” was anchored on faith, borne of selflessness, and motivated by love for country. We must unite and continue to preserve its memory and keep the fire burning in our hearts, if only to underscore our desire to revive and possibly develop where we have left off, in order to move our nation forward. If properly motivated the EDSA Spirit can be the strength that will help propel the country’s development efforts to become a newly industrialized country by the turn of the century. As said the EDSA way, if our endeavour has to be successful, it has to be together.” All sectors must be mobilized for the development efforts of our country, and symbolically, the yearly EDSA Anniversary, must be a commemorated displaying a show of strength to inspire anew the spirit that was once at EDSA. As one force, we can rekindle the EDSA Spirit by arousing the consciousness of the citizenry in its value, with government and the private sector towards peace, unity, prosperity and moral development. In destiny, surmount our difficulties, and meet the challenges with confidence. We shall in essence attempt to fortify the Filipino spirit by highlighting the qualities inherent in EDSA 1986.

Brief History

1991: Spirit of EDSA Movement

A businessman and EDSA veteran – Christopher L. Carrion organized the SPIRIT OF EDSA MOVEMENT in 1991, composed primarily of members motivated by the will to help our country move forward towards the direction of reform and the strengthening of the democratic foundations long fought by our martyr, the late Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. (Ninoy) and made possible by the former President Corazon C. Aquino through the Peaceful People Power Revolution at EDSA in 1986.

As a movement it initiated an endorsement in support for the candidacy of former President Fidel V. Ramos through a letter to former President Corazon S. Aquino requesting her endorsement for the former’s candidacy.

1992: Spirit of EDSA Foundation, Inc.

On October 6, 1992, the Spirit of EDSA Movement was officially and formally incorporated and duly registered as the SPIRIT OF EDSA FOUNDATION, INC (SOEF), with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock, non-profit foundation with S.E.C. Reg. No. AN092-04023 with the primary purpose of undertaking directly or indirectly the preservation of the democratic gains achieved by the country through the EDSA People Power Revolution on February 22-25, 1986 by acting as a conscience group, instilling fundamental values of nation-building in the citizenry and engaging in other related activities as may be determined by the Board of Trustees and to erect a permanent landmark to forever keep and enshrine the important memorabilia, photos, and other related pertinent documents regarding the peaceful Philippine People Power Revolution of 1986, especially a 360º multi-vision wide screen Light and Sound Theater that will depict the 3-day actual presentation that happened at EDSA in 1986 for those who did not experience that shining moment in our country’s history.

Read about the Spirit of EDSA maxims, principles, and objectives.


March 3, 1993

Spirit of EDSA Foundation Chairman Chris Carrion submitted to Kabisig Head Gov. Bren Guiao and Mrs. Marietta Goco a concept paper for the creation of an EDSA Commission, to serve as an umbrella organization of all NGO’s geared towards the preservation and enhancement of EDSA ideals who will have the mandates for the yearly commemoration of the EDSA events as well as helping promote the Spirit of EDSA.

October 6, 1993

Spearheaded by Kabisig Head, Gov. Guiao, and Ad-Hoc Committee composed of 15 members including former President Corazon C. Aquino was held at Bahay Ugnayan, Malacañang. Former Pres. Aquino made mention that there were millions at EDSA in 1986 and recommended instead, that a people’s consultative workshop be held prior to deciding to creating a Commission, instead of simply the chosen 15 personalities in that exclusive meeting.

A 3-day Consultative Workshop was held at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). The result of which was to form and EDSA Foundation instead of a Commission.

December 10, 1993: Reorganization of the Foundation

SOEF Founding Chairman Chris Carrion with the concurrence of the Board of Trustees of the SOEF offered to step down as Chairman and offered the SOEF for reorganization to Gov. Guiao instead of having two EDSA Foundation serving the same purpose and contrary to the principle of unity at EDSA.


In a letter addressed to SOEF Founding Chairman Carrion on January 28, 1994, Gov. Guiao accepted the offer and an election was held. Mr. Jose S. Conception, Jr. was elected Chairman, Mr. Jose P. De Jesus as Vice-Chairman, Rose Marie J. Yenko as Board Secretary and Patricia C. Sison as Treasurer. While Chris Carrion was elected as Executive Director and remained as its Founding Chairman


SOEF Founding Chairman Chris Carrion once again proposed the idea of forming a Commission that would serve to be the organizational umbrella of all NGOs to then DOF Sec. Jose Pardo and Mr. Antonio A. Lopa, Chairman and Co-Chairman of the National Committee of the 13th EDSA Anniversary Commemoration. Upon receiving a positive response from said Chairpersons, immediately SOEF Founding Chairman Carrion together with the assistance of his nephew, Ramon Z. Carrion, worked on the initial draft of the Executive Order (E.O) which was similar to that of Kabisig for the president’s approval. Once the draft of the E.O. was ready, it was passed on to Mr. Pastor "Boy" Saycon, Mr. Lito Lorenzana, and the Presidential Management Staff (PMS) for refinement and eventually during the 13th EDSA Anniversary Commemoration last February 22-25, 1998, the EDSA People Power Commission was created by virtue of Executive Order #82 signed by former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, which specifically identifies the Spirit of EDSA Foundation to be the lead Private NGO. At this point in time, Chris Carrion was appointed Comissioner and Executive Director of the EDSA People Power Commission and retook the position as Chairman of the Spirit of EDSA Foundation, Inc.