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Ninoy Aquino Commemorative Gold Coin.

Chris Carrion The immortalized assertion of our beloved hero, Ninoy, that the “Filipino is Worth Dying For”, is as valid and appropriate as the day it was uttered by our beloved martyr. Yet, it is refreshing to recall the glory of high principles, the quest for higher causes, and the genuine sacrifice of selfless commitment for country and people above one's self. And this, undeniably, are the qualities of Ninoy Aquino and with those qualities, the courage of his martyrdom that gave birth to a genuine peaceful transition from a nation imprisoned under apathy and fear, to one of unity and an awakening spirit, giving birth to genuine People Power for effective change, reform, and principled politics. Truly, a Champion for Peace!

A great honor has been bestowed upon the Philippines in recognition of this great hero, during his 20th death anniversary. He joined other world figures, in the likes of His Holiness Pope John Paul II, Mahatma Gandhi, US President John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana, and Mother Teresa (who is well known on her way to being declared a saint), when renown B.H. Mayer's Mint of Germany struck the first Ninoy Aquino Commemorative Gold Coin for worldwide limited sales and distribution, as part of the Champion for Peace Series. - Message of Chris Carrion during the Gold Coin Launched

- Message of Chris Carrion during the Gold Coin Launched.

Launching of Ninoy Aquino Commemorative Gold Coin.

Ninoy Aquino Gold Coin.

Diameter : 38.6mm
Weight : 1 oz
Content : Fine Gold 999.9
Quality : Proof
Edge : Milled
Issue Year : 2003
Limited Mintage : 2999
Denomination : 5000 Liras
Issuing Authority : Knights of Malta -Sovereign Order of the Hospitaller's of St. John of Jerusalem
Authority : The Spirit of EDSA Foundation, Inc.
Series : Champions for Peace

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August 21, 2004

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August 24, 2004


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