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Patricia Cepeda Sison

Chris CarrionPATRICIA C. SISON A Psychologist, Psychotherapist, and Professor by profession; mariied to lawyer Luis F. Sison and blessed with four (4) children. Her academic background, post-graduate and professional training are as follows: Master of Arts, Social and Organizational Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University; Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical Psychology-Completed Course Studies, Ateneo de Manila University; Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist by Prof. Michael Nicholas, Ph.D. And Team from the University of Sydney Pain Management and Research Center, in collaboration with Manila Doctors Hospital, Pain Management and Wellness Center (March 2008); Certified Gestalt Therapist for Individuals, Groups, and Organization Systems, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Ohio (1988-1989); Certified Gestlt Therapist for Couples and Families by the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Ohio (1989-1991); Trainor Training Certificate on Human Relations and Communication/Facilitators' Skills by the Philippine Institute of Applied Behavioral Science (1972); Family Therapy Training with Dr. Virginia Satir, Ateneo Central Guidance Bureau (1982 & 1983); Gestlt Organizational Systems Development Training with Dr. Lalei Gutierrez (1982, 1983, & 1984); and a degree in Bachelor of Arts with two (2) majors, English Journalism and Political Science in St. Theresa College, Manila.

First Class Civil Service Professional. Some of her carreer in the Government Service were as Trustee at the Cultural Center of the Philippine (Office of the President) from 1998 until 2004. Became a Commissioner with a six-years term (1999-2005) of the EDSA People Power Commission. In the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), she became a Fellow from 1976-1980, became the Program Director of the Career Foreign Service Development Program, Deputy Director Foreign Service Institute joint with DAP and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Institutional Program in 1975-1980); and Deputy Director of the Management and Organizational Development Department in 1976-1979. She also became the Program Director of the following: Career Foreign Service Development Program (MFA) 1975-1980; Executive Development for Judges of CFI (with Supreme Court of the Philippines) 1974-1979; Executive Development of Officers of Philippine Army in 1975; Executive Development of Rural Bankers of the Philippines (with Central Bank of the Philippines in 1973); and Faculty and Lecturer on other DAP Programs and Projects.

A Liberal Arts degree graduate in 1971 and a dyed-in-the-wool Theresian, having acquired all her grade-school, high-school, and college education from St. Theresa's College.

Founding Chairperson of the Citizens National Network Against Poverty, Graft and Corruption (CNNAPC), July 2001 - present); Member, Council on Philippine Affairs (COPA), 1998-present); Founding member, Trustee of UNIFEM (1990-92); Member, National Executice Council of NAMFREL (1986-present); Chair Couple (with Atty. Luis F. Sison) - Presidential Snap Elections 1986 - South Sector, Muntinlupa; Chair Couple - Senatorial & Local Elections 1987; NCR/Metro Manila - Chair Couple - Parliamentary Election 1984; Philippine Delegate to the Electoral Process of Chile (Santiago) setting up the National Cititzens Movement for Chile (Exporting NAMFREL) - sponsored by the National Democratic Institute, Washington, D.C.; Founding Trustees of the SAGIP CRISIS CENTER, Muntinlupa (a community project for the protection and healing of women, children victims of Family/Marital Abuse with Ateneo, Zonta, Muntinlupa City Government, DSWD, MDF), Director for Psychological Services 1998-2001; Member, Program Committee (1990) of the Bishop-Businessmen's Conference for Human Development; Founding Trustees, 1986-present of the EVILIO B. JAVIER FOUNDATION; Chairperson, 1991, 1993 together with Sec. Rene de Villa as Co-Chair, and 1994 of the EDSA Anniversary National Celebration Committee; and Vice-Chairman to former Finance Secretary Roberto de Ocampo, June 1992 during the National Inaugural Committee for President Fidel V. Ramos.